Superstorm Sandy Aftermath

Superstorm Sandy Aftermath (Credit:

Superstorm Sandy hit the northeast hard on Monday, October 30, 2012. During November, we will be facing clean-up and cooler weather. Here are some clean-up tips in the wake of the storm:


– Use a camera to document all damage to your house, cars, or property. When filing an insurance claim, photographic documentation is essential.


– With extensive flood damage and excess moisture, mold can be a major problem. Open windows, use fans, dehumidifiers, and products such as cat litter to help dry up excess moisture and prevent mold. Remove wet wall paper and areas where moisture can retained.


– Check the outside of your home and hose down and excess mud. Remove debris.


– Have your home inspected by a contractor or building inspector in case of extensive flood or water damage. This is also key for insurance claims.


– Disinfect any part of the interior of your house that was in contact with flood waters. Use bleach, water, and disinfectant.


Please stay safe!


This post courtesy of: Golden Horizons Elder Care Services with shoreline offices in Old Saybrook and Groton, plus regional offices in Cheshire and West Hartford. Review full story at: Call: 1-800-421-0122.


Image: Wind map shows spiral of post-tropical storm Sandy. Credit:

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