Happy 2013!…Let’s Start With Winter Safety

Everybody loves the snow right? The endless snow days where we count the minutes to send the kids back to school. The car door that we can’t open because it is frozen shut. The race we keep losing against the snails because traffic is so slow. Late to work again because rush hour becomes rush four hours…Or….


The beauty of the snow as it covers the hibernating land in a picturesque blanket. The snow day we get to have because the kids had a snow day and can’t stay home alone (which leads to snowmen, snow angels, snow ball fights, crazy sledding races and sugary maple snow treats). The snow day we get because the car door won’t open and the traffic is too heavy, so we have to “work from home”.


Whichever snow day you get, winter safety remains paramount. Here are some winter safety tips to help you throughout the winter season:

– Get your car in tip top shape – have it tuned up so it will have optimum use, response and gas mileage.

– Make sure your car’s gas tank is full so you don’t get stuck in extra long traffic lines, and you have car has fuel in case you get stranded.

– Have an emergency survival kit in your car with extra blankets, a flashlight with extra batteries, non-perishable/high energy foods like nuts, ice scraper and more.


Click the following to see detailed lists for safety kits and winter safety driving:

Weather.com’s Driving Safety Tips

Weather.com’s Winterizing Your Car

National Safety Council’s Winter Survival Kit

National Safety Council’s Winter: Your Vehicle and You


Stay safe this winter and Happy New Year from

Golden Horizons Elder Care Services, Inc!


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