July – National Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

Our country have so many national months, weeks and days. Some are very relevant, some make you scratch your head in puzzlement and some are downright bizarre. July alone has yielded an interesting mix ranging from National Tickling Month to National Culinary Arts Month to National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month.


For this July, we at Golden Horizons want to focus on a couple particular National Months/Days of awareness: National Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. It is very important to be aware of types of cancer, testing options and preventative measures that you can take to assure you don’t have an issue. Too many people pass because of improper testing.

July – National Bladder Cancer Awareness Month
Our bladder is a part of the urinary tract, the body’s filtration system. The bladder is lined with layers of tissue and cells. Bladder cancer is when the cells begin to grow out of control. As it goes through the layers back to the wall of the bladder, it is harder to treat and eradicate. Contributing factors include genetics – Caucasians are at higher risk, smoking, age etc. With July being National Cancer Awareness Month, we at Golden Horizons (1-800-421-0122) want to contribute to creating that awareness. For more information, please visit the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network’s website. Awareness is a good thing.

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