Blogging Best Practices – Hidden Features

We put together some tips for better blogging.

Included are:

  • Topic and Title
  • Content / Details
  • Keywords/Phrases
  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Author/Ghostwriter
  • Publishing Schedule

Download this PDF- DFC-BloggingOnly of a PowerPoint presentation.

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Fustino Brothers, Inc. – 1st Windows Phone App – “Tull Tribute”

FBI-TullScreen1 FBI-TullScreen2


The Fustino Brother, Inc. 1st app. The Tull Tribute app is an unofficial collection of online resources fine-tuned to the English rock band “Jethro Tull”. Find the latest information, videos, photos, albums, concert dates, links, and current social media conversations. Enjoy.

This Windows Phone Marketplace application is now available. Please check-in at the store to be the first to buy (it’s free). Go to, click/tap on the link. Search for “Tull Tribute”.

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Some Important Information and Links from Golden Horizons

Golden Horizons Elder Care Services of Old Saybrook, Groton, and West Hartford (serving Cheshire, Wallingford and the greater Meriden community) has recently published important information concerning news on the aging, Alzheimer’s, Medicare, healthy tips for seniors, and emergency preparedness for the older generation. Go to these blogs:—usa-blog.html

For more information call Golden Horizons’ at 1-800-421-0122, or email at – here’s to good health in 2014!

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Winter Safety Tips


Here we are: January 2014! Can you believe it? Happy New Year! What are you planning for this year? What goals and dreams do you have for this year? Outdoor workouts? Tropical getaways? I know, I know… you’re saying that’s all wonderful, get your head out of the clouds… it’s a new year, but we still have a bunch of winter to get through. Too true. Golden Horizons Elder Care Services has gathered a few tips for winter safety, especially for seniors, take a look:

  1. Prevent slips and falls. Make sure the pathways are clear of ice and snow. Wear shoes with good traction. Take off your shoes by the door so melted water doesn’t cause an indoor slip hazard.
  2. Winter Depression can be a doosy – fight it. Eat a multicolored diet for full nutrients and energy. Join a gym and make yourself go at least 3 times a week. It boosts your metabolism and motivation. Arrange to have someone check in on you, or if younger, check in on someone older. Companionship reduces isolation and feelings of loneliness.
  3. Dress smart for outdoors. Wear layers (these can be stylish too). Little children and seniors are especially susceptible to illnesses due to the cold. Hypothermia can be a danger. Dress in layers, warm socks, waterproof shoes/boots, hats, scarves, gloves. Appendages are susceptible to frostbite if left exposed to the cold. Cover up, enjoy the snow!
  4. Make sure the car is ready for winter – a full car checkup is good for heading into winter – oil, tires, battery etc. Make sure it has at least a 1/2 tank of gas at all times. When starting the car, give it ample time to warm up before heading out. It prevents more problems in the long run. Keep blankets and emergency kits in your car during the winter as well.
  5. Make sure your carbon monoxide alarms are working and ready with fresh batteries.
  6. In case of severe winter weather, have emergency kits in the house with access to flashlights, fresh batteries, canned goods or food that can be eaten cold or without needing to be refrigerated, blankets and other layers. Move around to keep the blood moving and to warm up. Keep a battery-operated radio nearby to keep abreast of the latest on power restoration or weather alerts.
These tips can help make sure winter is safe and enjoyable. Happy New Year from the offices of Golden Horizons’ – Old Saybrook, Groton, and West Hartford (serving Cheshire, Wallingford and Greater Meriden) and enjoy the snow… knowing, for sure, we continue to have some.
For more information call Golden Horizons’ at 1-800-421-0122, and go these resources:
Care at-
*Photo used under Creative Commons from
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Design For Communication Joins TBCS

Design For Communication (Gary Fustino) joins the Tampa Bay Computer Society. The TBCS  is a membership computer club that offers many computer classes and seminars, they cater to beginners as well as tech pros and is a nonprofit group. Go to: for club information.



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Fustino Brothers- 1st App – Beading Workshops – Tampa Bay



Beading Workshops is the product of the Fustino Brothers first app. The Beading Workshop app is an Windows Phone application the finds seminars, and hands-on events in Tampa Bay and Penellas County, Florida. Venues include Belleair, Clearwater, Dunedin, Gulfport, Indian Rocks, Kenneth, Largo, Mederia Beach, Redington Shores, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, St Pete, Seminole, Tarpon Spring, and Treasure Island. Listed are day/date/time/cost if available at time of publishing.

Beading Workshops – Tampa Bay is a Windows Phone Marketplace application. Go to, click/tap on this link and buy it now (it’s free).

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Golden Horizons’ Discussions on Caring at Home, Senior Care, Dementia, and West Hartford


Some links to recent blog updates from Golden Horizons worth taking a look at. Posts include caring at home, senior care, Dementia, and some good news from West Hartford … #7 best place for family living.
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New Iconic Logo for BBA

BBA-SealcbGary Fustino designs new logo for the Bluffs Business Association. Theme “Building relationships with commerce and community”. The look – features the causeway, unique to the Belleair Bluffs, with the bridge supports representing the “BBA” initials. The creative design features modern typography, a beach color pallet with an aqua sky and water waves. Banners with the iconic seal, will be displayed throughout Florida’s Largo/Clearwater area at upcoming events. Gary- eServices Director, also St. Pete and Meriden Chamber ambassador, can be contacted at 203-641-4599 or

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Business Association Elects Officers


The monthly business networking group Bluffs Business Association, off the intracoastal waterway of near Clearwater Florida, elected new officers. Gary Fustino, Design For Communication, as e-Services director. Duties include maintaining database of members, email lists, calendar and website fundamentals. The BBA mission is to promote and improve the business environment and stimulate a vibrant local economy. Contact Gary at 727-451-9332 to boost the electronic freeway near the beach.

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Creative Pinellas Academy – Grad.


Gary Fustino dba: Design For Communication, a chamber member, has successfully completed the “Creative Pinellas Academy”. This intensive six week entrepreneurship training program, – offered Tampa Bay’s artists/designers real-world targeted information that provided immediate benefits, mentorship, as well as long-term small business strategy. One inspirational outcome a new website! Contact Gary at 727-451-9332 or 203-641-4599.

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